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Pooja Builders and Developers

Such commitments requires not only expertise in the field but a social inclination towards bussiness and awarness about the ground level reality

Pooja Builders & Developers is one of the leading construction company in Kolhapur today.

A company with the experience of more than three decades consistently endeavor to maintain a fresh outlook in our ventures.

We always strive to bring innovative ideas and concept in the field we work








We, at Pooja Group are committed to become "The construction Company of Choice" bu providing 'SUPERIOR' 'INNOVATIVE' 'STATE OF THE ART' Residential and Commercial Solutions with an attiude of core and concern for customers and partrons maintaining clean and Green Environment and Nurturing human & Family values shall be the guiding principale.

We are the very first company in the western Maharashtra region to pioneer in the concept of township by successfully completing three townships in Kolhapur.

1. BHAKTI POOJA NAGAR                                         2. HARI POOJA PURAM                                         3. PADMA POOJA PURAM.

With the first marvel of our company Bhakti Pooja Nagar a 100% VEGETERIAN society with all modern amenities right from swimming pool, a jain temple, gymnasium and a huge landscaped ground cover.

We are the first builder throughout from the Western Maharashtra Region, who have implemented a Reticulated Gas Pipe Line System in our Hari-Pooja Puram project, which is situated at Nagala Park, Kolhapur. This system promisingly proves helpful, efficient, quite safe and easy to use. It has set a new trend in construction industry of Kolhapur by adding such high tech amenity.

Now, the company has moved forward and is spreading their reach in the Affordable housing segment to fulfill the nation mission of HOUSING FOR ALL, under the name SWA-GRUH YOJANA, where we are aiming to complete 3000 flats and deliver it to the much needy people of the society by 2019 at the basic rate without compromising on quality.

1. Why are we bring this concept. Ans. This is the right time to invest in housing because the govt has the mission to fulfil the housing demand for everyone.'Govt. Mission'

2. Why people will get involved in our scheme. Ans . Because we have fixed out vison to provide quality homes in min. rate,as we are getting ready customer we will directly transfer our profit to those customers and hence reduce their unit cost. Along with Govt benefits we are also giving them benefits of reduced cost without sacrificing on Quality.

3. Now to start with this concept we are making a survey of the actual demand of the people.Initially the survey will be held in Kolhapur district later we will move to the rural part of Kolhapur and slowly to the while Maharashtra.

4. Once the demands are generated we will bring up a project to fulfil such demands.

5. Initially the projects will be constructed on our self-owned lands.. and later when people want to do a joint venture with us on their land wewill do so.

This is a movement accelerated to provide housing for all those needy people on the practice grounds.

Its a direct partnership with the customer to realise their dream for owing their own house. Construction will be one part of it...mainly we will be building a customer bank where we will know the actual demand of the market...and from that demand we will get the motivation or we can motivate others to fulfil that demand.

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From the Director’s Desk...

Paras Oswal

(Founder of Pooja Builders and Developers)

When I look back at my journey as an individual and at Pooja builders as a construction company, I feel a sense of achievement and at the same time a sense of greater responsibility to reach even greater heights. Last two decades, Kolhapur has evolved a lot. Just a few years back, Kolhapur was on the cusp of modernism. That stage has passed and now Kolhapur hasreached a stage of being an ultramodern city with the same rich taste which the cosmopolitan customers have. Globalization has entirely changed the way people live their life. Things are changing at faster and faster pace and that is most exciting. Everything is so challenging. Pooja Builders and Developers have been keeping abreast of the newest trends and have always been at the forefront to accept these new trends. Be it fresh concepts, ideas, designs, facilities Pooja Builders and Developers has always embraced all this with great enthusiasm. While doing this, I see to it that environment is preserved. The modern day citizens yearn for idyllic surroundings whichhave peaceful, healthy environment. Pooja Builders and Developers lifestyle projects have laid more emphasis on this aspect. That is way the location of our lifestyle projects have this striking feature of proximity to nature. We have always been a Forward looking Construction Company. Loyalty to quality and customer satisfaction has defined everything that does here. When I look at future I am confident that greater skies are waiting for us.
Paras Oswal